Revolutionizing Market Analysis: The Potential of AI in Detecting Market Manipulation and Price Rigging

In an era where AIs potential seems limitless, we find ourselves aligning Elon Musks prediction of AI dominance – a future where AIs ability could make certain human roles obsolete. However, in our view, rather than making human roles obsolete, we foresee a future where AI complements and enhances human expertise. In this article, we […]

Can Hong Kong’s New Initiative Boost Stock Market Liquidity Without the Catalyst of Market Making?

In the pulsating world of global finance, one key player is conspicuously absent in Hong Kong’s stock market landscape: the equity Market Maker. These behind-the-scenes heroes are integral to exchanges from Wall Street to London, ensuring that transactions flow smoothly and swiftly. They’re the architects of liquidity, bridging the gap between buyers and sellers, and […]

Grid-Scale Energy Storage: Powering the Future of Renewable Energy

The energy storage industry operates through an interconnected chain, much like a well-oiled machine. Upstream, you find suppliers of battery raw materials and production equipment. Midstream lies the heart: suppliers of batteries, battery management systems, energy management systems, and energy storage converters. Downstream, we meet the end-users: energy storage system integrators, installers, and terminal users. […]

Hong Kong Leads the Way for Web 3.0 and Cryptocurrency as Property

A Legal Milestone: Cryptocurrency as Property in Hong Kong The recent landmark court ruling by Justice Linda Chan in Hong Kong, declaring cryptocurrencies as property, has far-reaching consequences for the city’s virtual asset landscape. This decision not only brings legal clarity and instills confidence in businesses dealing with cryptocurrencies but also reinforces Hong Kong’s position […]

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