“Charles has the ability to completely understand what we want.” He will always be able to find a viable solution to whatever issue we have. You can be sure that the job will always get done.”

a listed group with a few listed companies

“We have been working with Pelican for more than 10 years. We value Pelican because they always provide insightful solutions, so we can be confident in knowing the deal will be successful.”

a listed Group with combined market cap over HK$30 billion

“Charles and his team are very resourceful and strategic when dealing with the regulators. Difficult and stressful issues are handled efficiently and swiftly.”

a listed company just been cleared of a sufficiency of business issue with SEHK

“The advice we received from Charles saved us valuable time & money in completing our corporate restructuring and resumption proposal.”

a listed company just completed corporate restructure and resumption


“The expert report written by Charles totally impressed my clients. His findings were convincing and provided a different perspective for the court. It is clear why Charles has a high success rate! ”

solicitors for a listed client

“We are thrilled with our win in this case. Mr. Li prepared a superior and extremely professional expert report. In court, Mr. Li provided excellent knowledge and understanding.”

solicitors for the Chairman of a listed company

“As an expert witness, Mr. Li is unshakeable on the stand. In court he has a remarkable ability to explain complex market practices in a simplistic way. This is important to our case when making statements so we can be sure the court understands clearly”.

solicitors for the Chairman of a listed company

“We have thoroughly enjoyed working on cases with Charles. He has so much experience across the financial sector which greatly enhances our rate of success. Charles has the unique ability to navigate a multitude of subjects from all perspectives. With knowledge and experience that can provide credible links from accounting standards, valuation to listing rules and corporate finance practice.” It is rare to find a witness who is qualified to comment on such a diverse array of topics”.

solicitors working with Charles on a few cases


“In M&A, Charles and his team always find creative solutions to narrow the gap between the buy and sell parties. They will always find a way. Nothing is impossible for this team.”

a listed company vendor

Charles has an amazing ability to get the job done! In addition to being both resourceful and strategic in negotiations he has access to a vast local & international network. I sold my business within one month of appointing Charles. Definitely fees well deserved.

a major retail chain vendor

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