Our Investments

Pelican Technology Investment

  • Pelican Technology Investment has been an early stage investor in a number of innovative technology projects. We invest our capital behind our ideas.
  • Our investments include sophisticated fintech and AI driven applications, blockchain applications fashion technology and gamefi NFTs.
  • Pelican’s belief is that financial services, investments, sports and entertainment will all go hand in hand in the future and will be using Web 3.0 technology for the need of capacity and speed.
  • As an early adopter and investor in future technology protocol, Pelican will stay competitive in the technology game run.
  • As part of our investment philosophy, we typically look for technologies that carry a high barrier to entry, a mass user population and significant value addition to our society.
  • In addition, we will also consider if our corporate finance and event origination skillset could be leveraged in their future expansion.
  • By employing various knowhow and techniques, we endeavor to deliver a super return to early stage investors, as well as bringing them prestige and pride.

If interested to know more about our investments or how to participate, please feel free to contact us at (852)2123 8100 or email us at cf@pelicanfinancials.com.

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