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Pelican Group was founded in 2008 on the belief that financial advisory services from the finest financiers with decades of experience across a broad spectrum of financial services will best serve the interests of clients. Pelican has since been providing financial advisory services to companies in this region. 


Pelican has been a pro-active financial advisors for companies in Hong Kong, China and overseas and has successfully completed a number of complex transactions for our clients.


Our founders have held senior positions at esteemed financial institutions with many years of investment, credit and capital markets, and corporate management experience across Greater China, Asia and other Western countries. The unique combination of our founders bring substantial valuable relationships and connections in these regions. This is demonstrated through their successful track records in creating headline deals through a “East meets West” approach.


An Experienced Team of Professionals
Our senior members comprise of accountants, lawyers and financiers who have each gained over 25 years of broad financial experience and considerable industry knowledge at some of the most prestigious multinational and large corporations in China, thereby becoming an invaluable resource to our clients.


Tailored Greater China Emphasis
We have a particular focus in Greater China and technology savvy countries and hence our business approach encompasses a Greater China edge with both inbound and outbound transaction flows from this region. Our offices are strategically located in Hong Kong with further expansion planned for other key cities across Asia and Europe.


Dedicated Growth Sector Focus
We focus on sectors with fast emerging growth and on opportunistic areas where we have strong expertise in, which includes technology and financial services, renewable science, real estate and infrastructure, consumer products and services, healthcare and other next generation business.


Unique Corporate Focus
Our services are specifically tailored for midcap and growth companies with excellent potential who get overlooked by most institutions whose focus are on mature companies with higher corporate governance. Our practical and comprehensive approach is tailored and executed to best suit the unique needs of our clients from the incubation stages of management, financial and business consulting to the later stages of expansion capital raising and listing.